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Friday, October 28, 2011

Charlie Lucas Band is like eating...

...jalapenos. They are so hhhhot you can't stand it, so for some reason you want another one! Haven't you ever seen a jalapenoholic eat one and turn red and blow fire and shake his head and smile and gobble down another one?

That's a Charlie Lucas Bandfan.

So this morning I'm still hummin' the beat... is anybody else hearing trains between your ears?

Oh that's just the Charlie Lucas Bandamnit!

I'm still trying to figure out how to describe this music... rockabilly on steroids? Texas-fried rock? High octane country? If there ever was crossover music... I give up.

Anyway, What a great show, what a great band, what a great feather in Navasota's cap... a new music video by this emerging band. And think about the timing.

If they wanted to shoot that video now, it would be too hard given all the construction and demolition going on downtown. The CLB train would have had to rock n' roll someplace else. In fact, it was a surgical operation, in and out and produced in less than six weeks! In the only time possible: Then.

It was meant to be. We can thank the band, the City Council, and God for pulling it off so seemlessly. And congratulations to Steve Maddox, our Director of Economic Development, for all his behind-the-scenes efforts to make everybody else look good.

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