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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Art Hook at "Spending Time Ending Rett"

Sunday's fundraiser for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation had a really effective hook. Just like songs, good fundraisers have a charming ingredient that grabs you, keeps you coming back for more.

This huge "community painting" of a dragonfly was introduced early in the event and became that hook as the day marched on. Everyone was invited to lay down a few strokes, and sign the back of the canvas, which would ultimately end up on the auction block that evening during the Clint Black concert. Young people lined up in the park to get a turn, other people lined up later under Vickie McMillan's tent. Artists such as McMillan made sure the art was finished and presentible. So infectious was the hook, Johnny Walker went and got an art piece of his own to donate.

During the intermission of the concert, wonderful items were auctioned off, including a signed Eagles guitar, and a large bronze bust of an eagle. Kevin Black was the auctioneer, but when bids went flat on the painting, he defered to a professional auctioneer, who even offered his cowboy boots in the deal! In the end it sold for big dollars, and the IRSF not only got some real money, but a permanent advertisement for its cause. And every hand that painted on that canvas felt pretty good about the whole thing.

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