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Thursday, June 30, 2011


We have grown up making fun of her, the tubby, stuffy old toad, but our culture owes more of its highest accomplishments to her than anyone. When the rest of the Western world was sliding down the slope of anarchy and decadence, Queen Victoria led her people, and even the United States in a counter-current of amazing and lasting social ascendancy.

Queen Victoria of England was quite possibly the most influencial woman in history, outside of Mary of Nazereth. Nobody knows why, except for the basic decency of a redeemable people who faithfully followed her lead... away from the Satanic forces gripping Europe. Her answer to the Baroque and its bizarre ilk was a zealous return to the beginning vision of the Italian Renaissance and the "Age of Reason," which had long been discarded for more entertaining fare.

There was Greek Revival, a number of various "Renaissance Revivals," such as Gothic and Rococco Revival, and so on, and renewed interest in the higher attributes of Humanism and the beauty venerated by the Italian masters of old. There was a return to the God that inspired that movement as well. For fifty years or more England led the Western world (that would imbibe on Victoria's edicts) in fashion, architecture, literature and art. And social reforms.

Queen Victoria's campaign is the reason women in our culture hide their breasts,( and it used to be waists, legs and even feet) as if there is something forbidden about them. "Topless beaches" as we call them are the norm in most countries. Gentlemen opening doors for ladies, in fact giving them all kinds of deference, is because of Victoria. She is the reason that "four-letter words" are forbidden. You can say anything in Latin, just not in the native tongue. All the propriety, fidelity, modesty and beauty which we really base our culture on today came from this off-shoot during the Nineteenth Century. Countries like France or Sweden or Denmark found it laughable then and barely amusing today. They never bought in to Queen Victoria's prim and proper ways. As the United States has been ever diversifying its cultural base, and "multi-culturism" has become the new catch phrase, non-British peoples have overtaken the old Victorian cultural base that set us apart from the world. The social struggle today in America is the final extinguishing of this woman's work.

That is why women especially threaten the Liberal agenda. The Liberals remember Victoria, and how one woman turned the tide of cynicism and debauchery in the British Empire for over one hundred years.

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