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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Bluebonnets of Navasota... and Plantersville!

Yes, even when the bluebonnets do not show up around the state, cut by perhaps 90% due to drought and late frosts, we still have a few here in Grimes County. In fact the best in the region, which, I think means the best in Texas!

Although the wildflowers in general are half of their usual strength, they are still magnificent. And the best pasture? In Plantersville, the place where I first saw these wonderful flowers forty years ago.


Anonymous said...

These photos of the bluebonnets are beautiful. Would you be able to say where these meadows are located? We're new to the area and I'd love to take my daughter to see them. Navasota and Plantersville are not too far away from us and it would be a nice drive. I'm guessing that the blubonnets are blooming early this year. We're in The Woodlands, and have plenty of them poking up along the roadsides. (Nothing like this though with a huge meadow of them!) Thanks!

Russell Cushman said...

Dear Anonymous: You can see most of these pastures from HWY 105, which runs between Montgomery and Navasota and then on to Brenham. This blog was written last year, and quite different from this year's crop, which promises to be much better. I need to blog about it soon... they (the "Roadbonnets") are going to mature in one week or so. The "fieldbonnets" (natives) a week or so later.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! We'll definitely be driving through to check out all the natural beauty.