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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marcus Mallard Blows My Mind. Again.

Seems like every day somebody comes into Blues Alley and makes me feel like I know nothing. Like I am the last to know... this time it was the former Mayor of Navasota and unchallenged wizard of Grimes County history, Marcus Mallard.

After a long discussion of many things pertaining to our wonderful music heritage, about which he has forgotten more than I will ever know, things like a classmate of his who went on to be known as a famous Tejano horn man known as "Big Lu Valeny," but to everybody in Navasota he was Guadelupe Valenzuela. And Tex Prelucik, owner of Tex's Radio in Navasota was a music producer down in Fort Bend County, and his label down there was "FBC."

And then the clincher. Our own Joe Tex, the King of Texas Soul, was not just a great entertainer, but a songwriter as well, COUNTRY artists recorded his songs... In fact, one song he called Papa's Dream, about a farming family in Grimes County, was recorded by JOHNNY CASH, who called it "Look At Them Beans." I was incredulous... and had to find it on UTube... and sure enough, Cash starts out the song mentioning Grimes County! The song was on Joe's album Joe Tex Spills the Beans.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;
Look at Them Beans

Studio album by Johnny Cash
Released September 1975

Look at Them Beans is an album by country singer Johnny Cash, released in 1975 (see 1975 in music) on Columbia Records. The cover depicts the singer with his son, John Carter Cash. The album reached No. 38 on the country album charts, while the title track, as the only released single, peaked at No. 17.

Grimes County was featured in a song by Johnny Cash that made it to 17th on the country charts. Damn!

I asked Marcus why NOBODY has ever mentioned this incredible and worthwhile, seemingly ESSENTIAL information, and he said that nobody else is as old as him, so nobody else remembers.

Marcus is not a writer... but thankfully, he is a talker! Not only was Joe Tex a songwriter, but country singer Diana Trask recorded a whole album of just his songs.

You can find both versions of the song about the Grimes County farming family on UTube. It is wonderful song about family and food and FAITH. Three things that still characterize this community... immortalized by two giants in the music industry!

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