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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here's something you did not know: Granite in Brazos County!

I argued with a friend of mine for years about the possiblity of this. Junior Tenneyson insisted that the big granite slabs that we have all seen on the jetties at Galveston... came from... Millican. This of course was completely ridiculous and I told him so. That famous Texas pink granite comes from Marble Falls, in the Texas Hill Country. They made the capitol in Austin out of the same stuff. Only someone confused or just stupid could think that this area might produce hills large and volcanic enough to sport granite. Just look at the topography! What an outrageous suggestion.

So I ignored the oil-stained chunks of it I found littering the Navasota railroad tracks.

Well, I was wrong Junior. And you for once, were right. There is a quarry near Millican, and according to credible sources, most of the granite for the Galveston jetties was quarried just north of Navasota, and shipped by rail to the Gulf. Since nobody knew this, I suppose it was a long time ago and the quarry played out. But you can add one more thing commmon to Brazos County besides reckless Aggie drivers and vet clinics and giant bonfire enthusiasts: Brazos County GRANITE!

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