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Sunday, June 27, 2010

This guy walks into Blues Alley, another instant friend.

Well, first of all, I was trying to sneak off and get some lunch. Justin Mahaffey walked up and saw I was closing, but he seemed intent on coming in. What the heck, "Come on in..."

"How much is that saddle? I had one just like it but the horn was brass."

Three hours later, I had ordered lunch in from Corner Cafe, and we had caught up on the essentials. Justin grew up with amazing Texas history in his immediate family, all history I was somewhat familiar with. I had photographed on large west Texas ranches where he had worked, and even taken shots of the old rock home on the very edge of Palo Duro Canyon, that his grandfather and father had built. And after meeting his dad by phone, I weaseled an invitation to the idyllic Lucky Circle M, the ranch where he works and trains some of the best cow horses in Texas... in Washington County.

It's always a pleasure to watch a master at work.

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