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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kevin Higgins... is ... the BEST!

Jimmenychristmas!, what a show Friday night! Navasota's Corner Cafe took its place again this summer, as THE place with excellent LIVE music, every Friday night. I've been distracted with a book I'm writing, and have not been the usual raving lunatic, BUT, But, Butt, but YOU have been missing it if you have not heard Mo Mc Morrow, Brent Lee Croucher, and this last show, Kevin Higgins and his DIVINE Wife Barbara Malteze. Kevin, we are warning you, we want your wife, so you better stay away...

What a couple... what exquisite ART, with a capital A. Take Gordon Lightfoot, the Eagles and Crosby, Stills and Nash...mash them all together and extract the granola, you might imagine this OUTSTANDING act. Sure, he is Texas songwriter of the year, song of the year, yaddda yadda ya, this freaking long haired hippie with a Spanish moss haircut, but a dead aim throwback to the very best of the 70's Texas Progressive Country, with a woman that sings like Aretha Franklin on a good day. This couple does all original masterpieces with casual perfection, delicious harmonies that are... orgasmic, OK, I'm sorry, there I said it!

Higgins grabbed me hook,line and sinker, perhaps the most endearing act I have seen since Corner Cafe began to present its songwriter's series. Hey, I only worship God, but when these guys sing, you feel like the power of Creation is about to come through the floor. Favorite song: OUT IN THE FIELDS, Oh my God!

It's a song about a tornado that takes you up so high you swear you're hugging Dorothy and Toto and freefalling over Nebraska... And a deeply beautiful song about falling in love at the Grand Canyon, called "Infinity," that makes you stare into the depths of your own love, for that special someone. JimmenyCHRISTMAS! YOU FOLKS NEED TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE NAPALM. Kevin and his lady burned the house down and built it back again by 10:00. What a deal! Right here in Navasota.

They played a couple of encores, one, called Four Friends at the Bar, went "we don't suck..."

No you don't, Kevin. But you guys sucked the life right of me as I smiled so big my jaws hurt. DO NOT MISS THIS BAND. They are important. Hopefully , you'll get another chance, before they are untouchable.

Thanks to Phil, and Sarah, for continuously bringing us the BEST of Texas music, every week.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like I missed a great show.
It's also good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

It's aboout time we got some words out of you.. The lighting is good, the music is great and I love my friends. I'm stealing the photo.