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Sunday, February 14, 2010

and then there was my assignment...

Paradies Shops of Atlanta hired me once again to help bring authenticity to one of their projects. They are building a store in the Louisville airport for Churchill Downs, and have placed a bronze sculpture there of a jockey on a ... some kind of horse... who needed a lot of help, if you know what I mean. Churchill Downs wanted their colors and logo on the jockey... both the logo for the track and the logo for the Kentucky Derby, which required enlarging the saddle cloth. We ran into problems getting materials I needed shipped out of Dallas, which was snowed in, so I had to return before the job was done. That means I will be going back, or they have a heck of a mess on their hands!

Here is what we have done so far. I'm curious what you guys think of this horse... any observations?

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Randy Meyers said...

Russell, this is very cool. We met at the Crowne Plaza. I hope you got my email.