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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving at the Cushman's

I had promised anyone who came a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving, as my Sister in Law calls it, and I think my wife delivered. I took these pictures... except for those of me... as we fed and entertained 22. It was a golden day. Thanks all who came to Navasota to make some memories with us. That's my cousin Robert Cushman, slicing the bird, his brother Richard's beautiful daughters, OUR Aunt Joy holding court on the front porch, and a bunch of other Cushman relatives... in and out of our wonderful Victorian home, just perfect for such an occassion.


Robert Cushman said...

Hi Russell: Nice Thanksgiving pics of you, Robert and family. Your distant cousin, Robert Cushman at Cushmandna@aol.com

Russell Cushman said...
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Russell Cushman said...

Hey Robert! Every one of the people in the doorway shot is your cousin. Yvonne Findlay,(a daughter of my grandfather's sister, Jane Cushman Rollins) talking to Richard S. Cushman, my father's brother(father of Richard and Robert and Susan). That's probably Robert in the door's reflection. On the porch is my brother Reynolds, talking to Austin Cushman, my cousin Robert's son. Then Richard Jr, and behind him his lovely daughters in a huddle, Rachel, Rene and Rebecca.