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Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's goin' on at the Corner!

Saturday night was another orgy of musical delight, REALLY! Bud Bierhaus was the featured performer, and he brought along a couple of friends that generously shared their talent, and left all of us feeling lucky. Bud is back in the States after a long period in Arabia, and he sings and picks like a man that has gotten many an hour of sanity and inspiration by preserving his American soul and his roots in American music. His talent is impressive, as he sings and plays the guitar like a veteran performer, and then backs up his friends on the bass and mandolin.

Season Ammons was back at the cafe, for the third time, looking and sounding more stunning than ever, and with a guy she calls Grumpy, who collaberates with her on songs... and he got up as well and displayed a budding mastery for good old Country music.

And, best of all, there were decent crowds at the Cafe both nights, giving all of us hope for culture in Navasota!

Much thanks goes to the musicians who perform more as a labor of love... and the Hiebelers who have so persistently hosted them.

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