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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Truth and Brevity.

A lot of folks have mentioned my blog to me, which tells me the word has gotten around. Most seem to be enjoying it. Yes, I know they run too long.

But here's the deal. Everybody today has got A.D.D. That's why the Media has reduced everything to bullets or sound bites, which are usually inadequate to really explain anything. This dumbing down, due to the precious treatment of column space, or TV time, denies regular folk the real story, and thus most people are ignorant after they have read or heard the so-called news. That's where I come in... or would offer to, for those who care and want more.

I felt a bunch of issues had never been framed adequately, and, having a little spare time, since the economy is flat and my arm is still healing, from "Tennis elbow," it was a good time to put some things down or publish songs and articles written for no one in particular that had been resting in my hard drive for a long time... and that has led to the outpouring you have seen here. I think I'm calming down now...

And now I just want to kick back, listen to the birds in the trees....write songs,
and my tirades will be shorter... If not, just scroll down to the end and just get punched in the face, without all of the sugar up front!

Anyway, I love you guys, and cherish your encouragement and support. And believe it or not, welcome your comments... except it seems that everyone is chicken to go on record... which means all the more that I need to. So help me, all I care about is the TRUTH. This blog is the search for that. If it has any measure of untruth, perhaps it will make the TRUTH that much more obvious! As the photo above illustrates, the light I shed on something is greatly affected by my perspective. And someone elses' point of view might reveal a strikingly different picture of the very same thing. Thanks Abe, for providing his face as an object lesson.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"... Jesus

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