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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bellville’s “Pasture of Pain” is Our Grail of Gain…

How many remember in years past, going to Navasota football games and doing it out of duty, and bragging about winning at Halftime? Well, winning is so much more fun. It’s the same difference as sitting on a motorcycle in a showroom, or riding down Highway 105 on the same bike at 70 MPH. And what a ride we are on!

One could make too much out of a football game. And all of you know I’m no sports freak. But I am a storyteller, and this year we are living a great story.

Friday night, little old Navasota upset 6th ranked Bellville, in another David versus the Philistines scenario. Navasota won handily 24-14, and is now 4-0. But when the 3-0 Bellville Brahmas danced out on their so-called “Pasture of Pain,” in flaming devil red, we all looked around for comfort. They were big boys. Few on their roster weigh less than two-hundred pounds. Quite a few stood over six feet tall. Big boys. Monster, corn fed country boys. Bruisers! Most of us would have been happy if Navasota had just hung in there and scored a little.

But our boys took off like jackrabbits and had scored in the first two minutes of the game. Kye Hildreath led his Rattler offense like he had no idea of what he was up against. Navasota moved the ball at will, and our talent proved to be deep and wide. Once again the Navasota defense held their ground, allowing those huge, powerful Bellvillans only 14 points, one during each half. So far, they are allowing an average of less than 10 points per game.

This was a truly thrilling game, with breakaway runs, incredible receptions, some key interceptions, and won by a Navasota team with a whole lot of heart. The Rattlers proved on Friday night that size does not matter. Coach Fedora has his players giving everything, striving at each down, second and third efforts making the difference on many first downs. After this win, they are sure to be ranked securely within the top ten teams in the State, and we can rest assured, this team is for real and we can plan on more fun than we can stand this season. Oh, and Halftime was great too!

We can be sure, on Monday morning in Bellville, it will be just what the sign says… a pasture of pain...

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