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Saturday, August 22, 2009

What does it take?

Brian Ashley Jones. Navasota, you really, really, really, missed a good show. A musically brilliant duo, Brian and his wife Tisha filled the Corner Cafe with dare I say it? A bluesy, sexy, tender, fingerpickin'good evening! No local crowd would have been big enough to adequately match these authentic, veteran musicians, but too few folks turned out for a most exquisite, downright groovy and yes, almost sensual evening, being delivered by a solid, talented couple in love.

Brian's gentle caress of his blues guitar, driving the audience mad with ear-boggling slide-guitar techniques, had everyone enraptured and begging for more. Does that sound kind of naughty? Well, it only seemed mighty fine at the moment, and those passionate melodies will be snaking around the recesses of our minds for a long time. Just a two piece band, Brian on acoustic guitar and Tisha on bass, their original songs found a natural home in Navasota. And Brian cleverly breezed through a couple of blues classics, proving he cut his teeth on the same sounds that put us on the map. They will be back, if they have any say in the matter, and if they appear at next year's Bluesfest, when it comes to REAL blues, it will be hard for others to keep up with the Joneses. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Her name is actually Tisha Simeral, and she is Brian's essential other half, and works magic on bass, but I'm hard pressed to think of anything clever to spin off of Simeral. Anyway, for those of you who missed them, there is always next time...

LECTURE: For years I heave heard people complain, "there was no nightlife," nothing to do in Navasota. Now they have great choices of entertainment and still, they won't break their habits of staying home and watching TV. Anyway, I want to give tribute to the Hiebelers, who have offered up as good a series of professional entertainers as we will ever see. Those who have come for the past two months will testify to the quality experiences they have had. What does it take to get people out of the house to enjoy good friends, food and music? Tell me so I can pass it on!

Come on folks, let's show these fabulous entertainers some of that Navasota spirit for gosh sakes! Maybe this will help: Corner Cafe will soon be serving BEER and WINE with their meals... We'll see if that helps you change your habits! Brian and Tisha were so sweet and appreciative of everything, even after driving all day from Nashville to appear in Navasota. They will be performing in Tomball, next week, if you want to catch up with them... I might go myself!

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