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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing!

That's right. So many really wonderful musicians in a short period of time... there was no way to let the quality sink in. Once again, incredible live music choices in Navasota, Texas. Blues fest was its usual rockin' good self, seven hours of serious fun, exciting bands and addictive atmosphere. And there is a whole day left to go!

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the last band... called Blackjack or something, came out after Leannasaurus Rex, who had worked the dancefloor into a stupor. How could they top them... Out comes Blackjack with this driving, atomic pulse, and a cute blond belting lyrics like a rock star, but wait, that's Lise McNally! These are local folks, bringing down the house. Everybody ran up to buy their CD... sorry folks, they've only been practicing a few... dare I say it, let's just say they are new. And they were very good!

Still, the lump in the throat award goes to David Lutes, pictured above, who performed at the Corner Cafe, just hours before. I had to leave after the first few songs, to report to my station at Bluesfest, but not before I heard the first two verses of a goosebumper called Rise Up, Elijah. Had to go, chunked a twenty in the jar and grabbed the CD, bailed on the poor guy, but WOW what a performer. What a great song. He is going places. And thank goodness, one of them was Navasota!

His opener, young Will Makar, would have been the night's big star, had he been by himself, and allowed to work up a sweat, and we all felt lucky to hear him. He too has a bright future in the entertainment biz. Real nice kid, very savvy musician, sings with amazing finesse, good songwriter too, and very original style. They have GOT to come back! Anyway, thanks to the Corner cafe, and all the volunteers out at Bluesfest that made Navasota the Music Capital of Texas for at least one night.

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