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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Part of the Plan, Part II: STAY OUT OF JAIL!

Now about those cute little ducks.. (see below) The whole thing, I'm told was illegal. The perps could have been fined for such well-meaning duckportation, and so I changed the names to protect the guilty. I called game and wildlife folks, both state and Federal, trying to get a handle on what could have been done legally, and so far have found a dead end. Literally. As in an end of the ducks. The consensus is that we should have let the cats eat them. It is legal for my heartless cats to rip their little heads off, but illegal for us to touch them. It is legal to hatch, breed, and sell these very same ducks, with a permit, but a Federal offense to save them.

I think something is wrong with our culture, if not our country. Federal laws make criminals of me and my neighbors, acting in good faith, while commercial exploitation of wildlife is rewarded. Everywhere you turn, you find another law, often Federal, forbiding innocent activity, because some SOB got a law passed to protect his racket. A restaurateur can't play the radio without being fined for illegal use of music. A local businessman will lose tens of thousands of dollars, because the state and city differ on what size of billboard is permitable, and he has failed to satisfy the letter of the law. By design, only the big boys can dare play on such a court.

We have become a country of mean streets and legalistic head-pinching. It's nothing personal I'm told. I think it is time to get personal and elect a government of common sense and charity to those hard working Americans, struggling in this economy, who are acting in good faith. Our Government has become a ruthless, ten-headed monster, and it is our fault. I believe it was Barry Goldwater who modified an old Grover Cleveland quote, that said it best: It is the People's job to support and control the Government, and not the Government's job to support and control the people.

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