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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A new crime wave hits our home

Perhaps now you can appreciate my perspective about our precious little community. Here is the not so good news. Literally in sight of the Police Station, we have been hit many times over the years by vandals and worse. That was one of the reasons I ran for City Council, to push for improvements of our Police Department. The year I ran, we had numerous crimes committed in our neighborhood. Someone broke into our car and tried to steal it. Two brothers around the corner had a shoot-out. The neighbor’s tires were slashed, and several neighbors had their windshields shot out in one night. Having run for City Council three times, I had learned to expect routine Friday night attacks on our automobiles, yes even my restored antique Chevy pickup. Paintball, eggs, and some things unidentifiable. Vandals have no respect for anything.

But lately there has been relative peace in the valley. The police are doing a good job. A few months ago, they busted some drug-dealing, something we knew was going on, right outside of our house. Flashlights and siren lights woke us up one night, as they were trying to find the dealer’s discarded product. Not one to stand around, I found an interesting piece of evidence, a revolver which had been thrown in my garbage can, perhaps seconds before the suspect ran away. A bag of drugs was found under my van. Our police are taking control of our streets again. They have a hard battle to keep up with it.

Last night our big black Labrador Retriever came unglued about 2:00 in the morning. Once again, siren lights and flashlights. I threw on my jeans, prepared for another scary police incident. The police were very polite, and somewhat confused when I met them out in the yard. A strange kind of offense had just been committed. They wondered if I knew of any reason… why… some young people would have…

STUCK GUMMY BEARS ALL OVER my old Chevy truck’s windshield!

I’m not makin’ this stuff up!

After all we have been through, it was a refreshing change of tactics. None of us knew what to think… was this some kind of new evil? A gang symbol? Finally, a good way to get rid of gummy bears? We will never know. But we sure slept better than in previous incidents.

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