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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Center of the Universe

OK, I know what you are thinking. "He thinks Navasota is the center of the Universe." Well it's true and I have proof. If all this riveting, serendipitous local history has not convinced you, or the addictive vitality of this boom-town has not yet sucked you in, get ready to dive.

First of all, I base my statement on a lifetime of comparison, traveling the globe, studying other towns like Hempstead, Hearn, and Iola. None has what Navasota has. I have also made lesser side trips to Tortola, Talkeetna, Matahuala and Rotorura. None has what Navasota has. You see, its not tall buildings, deep canyons, or blue lakes that decide such things. Not money, beauty, or famous dead people. It's geography. To be the center of the universe, you have to have great geography. More specifically, you have to have...a center. THE center.

I had not always realized that I lived in such a universally important place. Then one day, while walking to the dentist office, there it was, the Center of the Universe, right behind my house! I photograph it often, and will be sharing the results with you, so that you too might have internal peace. You see, behind my house is a quaint little church, one I am very fond of. But the Center is not the church itself... that would have been too obvious. It is in the yard next to the church... uncovered when a two-story steamboat Victorian house was removed. The Bluescopalians planted a maple tree there to mark the spot. One can easily trace a stone spiral pathway that winds around the tree PERFECTLY. There is even a bench there to give the seeker rest. I was reminded about its universal importance when I attended the "praying in the blues" service there Thursday evening.

See for yourself. Feel the peace. But don't broadcast this to everybody, it's just our little secret. I'm so glad it was not in downtown Waco!

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