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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are you getting it yet?

So you smirked when I told you our little secret... that Navasota is placed smack on top of the Center of the Universe? You were skeptical.

But have you started to notice a trend here in these entries? In case you have missed all the significant clues in my relentless blogs, let me make it easy for you. I'll string all the "proofs" into one paragraph.

The Navasota area is the site of the ancestral home of the Aztecs, who eventually ruled Mexico, and its name reflects the *Yoeme - Aztec tongue. The Navasota area was also the end of the trail for the French hero *La Salle, who single handedly acquired all the land for France later purchased by Thomas Jefferson, called the "Louisiana Purchase." The convergence of *numerous Indian trails, Spanish caminos, pioneer roads, two Texas rivers, and several railroads; a veritable crossroads of history; The final resting place for numerous important historical characters, including Sarah Dodson, the "Betsy Ross" of the Republic of Texas, three signors of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and a man who helped to pen it, Jared Groce, the Father of Texas Agriculture; The home of *Carl F. Steinhagen, Texas' finest furniture maker; Not only did the Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, carve out a Texas Land Grant with his name on it near Navasota, for his own, but because of the fertile river bottom land, many of Texas' first plantations were established near and around. Navasota was the economic crossroads in Texas up to and during the Civil War, as the only inland railroad came here, to the *Center of the Universe. At one time, Navasota had a very wealthy populace, numerous banks and cultural activities. An amazing list of world renowned entertainers were born or raised or lived here. A famous actress, *Adelaide (Lena Rubenstein)Prince, who married another famous actor, and appeared on the silent screen. A host of blues performers came from the bottoms near Navasota, and played in local juke joints. Texas Alexander, L. C. Williams, Milt larkin, and *Mance Lipscomb were all successful blues recording artists. Texas Soul legend *Joe Tex was not from here, but got here as soon as he could. *Alvin Ailey, one of the most accomplished dancers in New York City, ever, once called Navasota home. Navasota and Grimes County are the home today of numerous accomplished musicians and artists. Payne Lara, bronze sculptor, June Dudley, a published Western artist, *Randy Pavlock, Rock & Roll electric guitarist, and the award winning Tubie Pushee, blues guitarist. I've only left out Frank Hamer, former Navasota Marshal, considered by many historians to be one of the greatest Texas Rangers of all time, the Blue Nun, the most amazing Catholic nun ever, who never lived here, but told of her teleportation to these parts (of course) in the Sixteenth Century, and sparked an evangelical crusade in Texas, far from her convent in Spain, and lastly myself, who has stumbled upon these nuggets, convincing me that the spiral path behind my house is the very Epicenter of the Universe. Hey, you knew it had to be somewhere!

* means you can read more about this person or thing somewhere in all these blogs. The rest are coming in future blogs. Good Luck!

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